Bridge Problem 21

Deceptive lead

K Q 4
Q 4
Q 9 6 3
Q 6 3 2
6 5
10 9 6 3 2
8 7
A K 10 9
J 10 9 8
A J 10 5 4
J 7 5
A 7 3 2
A K J 7 5
K 2
8 4
Pass2Pass2 NT
Pass3 NTPassPass
Problem: What was West's deceptive and somewhat lucky lead?
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West did not feel like leading away from one of his doubletons, and a lead into South's 5-card hearts was not very attractive either. Therefore West decided on the deceptive lead of 10. As the cards lie, it was the right manner of play for the leader to play low from dummy. When West continued with the nine it was again right for the leader to duck. Next West quickly cashed the ace and king of clubs and played a low diamond for the ace of East. One down meant a very good score indeed for East - West.
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