Bridge Problem 1

Q xx
x x x
A K xx
A x x
You are South and hold the above-mentioned hand. The bidding is as follows:
Problem: What does South bid?
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At the table South bid 2 !!!
The fact is that 3 is a limit bid, which can be passed by North. 3NT is too risky because of the hearts holding. For 2NT South is too strong. North bid 2 , and South finished the auction by bidding 3 NT. The contract was made with one overtrick.
West led a small heart, but if South had not bid 2, West would have led a club, which would have made things much more difficult for South.

Below the complete hands of North and South:
K J 9 x
A J x x
J 10 x x
Q x x
x x x
A K x x
A x x
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